Join the Honeycreek Fam!

We are so excited to add team members to the Honeycreek Fam.   We are currently hiring part time employees to work at the Coffee Shop.  

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Saturday  | 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Sundays | Closed 


Job Description includes but is not limited too:

Seeking outgoing and customer service based individuals to work for our small coffee shop.  Responsibilities included but are not limited too: 


♦ Keep counters free of grounds and spills at all times. 
♦ Always empty group/espresso handles immediately after making drinks in preparation for the next order and place back onto the machine to stay warm. 
♦ Check all supplies to be full and ready (especially dairy). 
♦ Make eye contact with customers as you take their orders, deliver their drinks or are interacting with them. 
♦ Always repeat what the drink is as you give it to them for pick up. 
♦ Never yell out drink orders loudly. 
♦ If a drink is sitting without pick up walk to the end of the counter and calmly repeat the drink name as the customer may have walked away. 
♦ Place drinks on the counter for pick up rather than handing them to customers, to avoid spills and possible burns. 
♦ Remember cup sleeves and lids. 
♦ Always use a thermometer when steaming milks and stay between 150 and 160 degrees. 
♦ When it is extremely busy it is okay to pull shots slightly ahead of time in order to build drinks quickly (not more than 5 minutes). 
♦ Never leave dirty towels in customer view and change dirty rags for clean ones regularly. 
♦ Always keep one wet towel on top left of machine for steam wand wiping only. Wipe steam wand immediately after each use. 
♦ Be ready to make drinks per customer’s requests (dry, lots of foam, wet, extra hot etc.). 
♦ Always stab tickets when orders are complete and not before.
♦ Clean dining area.
♦ Follow Opening and Closing Procedures.

If you would like to apply please use the link below.